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2 Mona Lisas   (strose)
abramovic   (strose)
Advanced Painting   (hersha)
African Art (Stokstad,16)   (theresa)
AHI285 Locating Renaissance Art   (theresa)
AHI285 Making Renaissance Art   (theresa)
AHI285 Viewing Renaissance Art   (theresa)
Albany Institute of History and Art   (strose)
Alfred E. Smith Office Building   (strose)
Ancient Near Eastern Art (Stokstad.2)   (theresa)
Ancient Precursors To Medieval   (theresa)
AncientSourcesForRenaissance (AHI285)   (theresa)
Art of Americas (Stokstad, 15)   (theresa)
Art of the Empire State Plaza   (strose)
Art Since 1945   (blackse)
Asian Art (Stokstad.3)   (theresa)
Baroque Art (Stokstad, 14)   (theresa)
Benny Andrews   (strose)
Byzantine   (theresa)
colossal seated buddha   (strose)
Contemporary Art (Stokstad)   (theresa)
Contemporary Art Fall 2011   (glennone873)
Contemporary Artists
Corning Building   (strose)
Cy Twombly   (Emery)
Cy Twombly   (cloude507)
Cy Twombly   (cloude507)
Da Vinci   (frannie)
David Smith   (Kchwaz)
Design Basics - Chapter 2
Michelangelo (AHI285)   (theresa)
Michelangelo Course   (theresa)
MIchelangelo Drawings   (theresa)
Modern Art 1945-c.1970 (Stokstad, 20)   (theresa)
Modern Art to 1939 (Stokstad, 19)   (theresa)
Mona Lisa   (strose)
mona lisa in a happy place   (strose)
New York State Capitol   (strose)
Norm&Form Images   (miklicf066)
Painting 1   (Scottbrodie)
Photography pt. 2   (ayottej184)
Portraits, 20th century, paintings
PrecursorsToRenaissance (AHI285)   (theresa)
Prehistoric Art (Stokstad, 1)   (theresa)
Presentation 11 Images: AHI 285-01   (prospere451)
which witkin   (strose)
William Blake   (strose)
Womens Time 3   (ShaneR)